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Love, Guilt & Reparation

Reparation 2018 ⓘ

153cm x 122cm
Acrylic, acrylic gouache, paint marker on 400gsm paper

A Walk In The Park 2018 ⓘ

153cm x 122cm
Acrylic Gouache, paint marker on 400gsm paper

The Mannequin 2018 ⓘ

153cm x 122cm
Acrylic gouache, paint marker on 400gsm paper

Absent 2018 ⓘ

153xm x 122cm
Acrylic gouache, paint marker on 400gsm paper

Good Boobie, Bad Boobie 2018 ⓘ

50cm diameter each
Acrylic gouache, paint marker on plywood panel

I Can’t See The Wood For The Trees 2018 ⓘ

Acrylic gouache, paint pen on 400gsm paper – 153cm x 122cm

Divided Cohesion 2018 ⓘ

Acrylic gouache, paint pen on 400gsm paper – 153cm x 122cm

Flying the nest 2018 ⓘ

Acrylic gouache, paint pen on 400gsm paper – 153cm x 122cm

Flown The Nest 2018 ⓘ

Acrylic gouache, paint pen on 400gsm paper – 153 x 122cm


About Lesley

I was born in the UK and live/work in Petersfield, Hampshire. I graduated from Winchester School of Art in 2014 with a BA Hons Fine Art degree and completed the Turps Painting Programme during 2014-15.

My new paintings draw on family cohesion and examine themes of raising children and what it is to be a mother. They capture evocative mother and daughter scenarios mixed up with everyday life experience that become figurative abstractions of the truth. My drawing lines are powerful – as the interplay between line and form helps me to find the painting. I offer the viewer a balanced whole, one that can be grasped instantly. The paintings are intuitively composed as I respond to the demands of the flat picture plane.

I remain interested in psychology and explore themes around child behaviour and how a mother has to rely on her instincts to resolve problems. I question why woman often feel deskilled in this role – doing daily ordinary things well, yet feeling she is doing it all wrong. My paintings are from memories of raising my daughters while living abroad and in the UK. They display ideas or embody meanings around this untaught responsibility as faceless figures appear happy and secure as they nestle amongst everyday household stuff. Yet there is no tangible frame of reference, but perhaps one of a solitary journey, one of a lost identity. Feelings of patience, isolation, compassion and perseverance charge my paintings to bring about the daily practical mothering style we learn along the way – a change of orientation.

Past Shows & Competitions ⓘ

Solo show intra – Winchester Gallery
Celeste Art Prize – Shortlisted
NOA – National Open Art Competition – Shortlisted

Discerning Eye Exhibition – Mall Galleries, Pall Mall, London

Housework – Safehouse 1, 139 Copeland Road, London
Turps Goes West – Edel Assanti, 74A Newman Street, London
Turps Show – Aylesbury Estate, London
Art Car Boot Fair – Brick Lane Yard, London
Turps Spring Show – No 4A Gallery, Malvern
Turps Interim Show – Aylesbury Estate, London 2014
Tabula Rasa – Oxo Tower, Bargehouse, London
Tabula Rasa – Winchester School of Art
This Is Tomorrow – Winchester School of Art / Transmediale Festival, Berlin 2013
Solo Show Transform – Flora Twort Gallery, Petersfield
Chapter 2 – Winchester Discovery Centre, Winchester
Photosculpture Project – Winchester School of Art & Central St. Martins 2012
Transitions – Winchester School of Art, SU, Winchester
Peep Show – Winchester School of Art, Winchester


+44 7584 260652

Old House Farm, Nursted
Petersfield, Hampshire
GU31 5RD

+44 7584 260652

Old House Farm, Nursted, Petersfield, Hampshire GU31 5RD

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